Ambition & Precision: Qubit Interior Solutions

In my most recent corporate project, I was tasked with creating a bespoke set of media for Qubit Interior Solutions Ltd. The highly regarded fit-out specialists from Dartford, Kent contacted us for ideas on cataloguing their latest installations, completed in Perth, Scotland and Manchester, England. This was one of their first completed projects since attaining the prestigious ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

PS Perth July 17 web (1)
The main boardroom was designed to seat 16 and was a featured area on this project.

Like many companies, Qubit was in need of imagery for their website, their marketing campaigns, their social media presence, blogging and to bolster their portfolio for face to face client engagement. During our consultation, I felt that Qubit would benefit greatly from one of our corporate videography packages. Qubit’s directors agreed and thus we were able to create a series of videos, giving them a powerful tool and a massive edge over their competitors.

PS Perth July 17 web (4)
The business furniture was carefully selected and the natural lighting and branding were primary points of focus on this project.
PS Perth July 17 web (11)
The three sectioned meeting table allowed for a great range of flexibility in this space and the minimal colour selection was an ideal complement to the refined finish of the meeting room.
PS Perth July 17 web (14)
In this image, I wanted the viewer to have a near tactile experience with being in the boardroom. The standard of furniture and a feel for the vantage point of a potential decision maker were important to highlight.
PS Perth July 17 web (16)
The main lobby area is reflective of how Qubit’s focus was to maximise the usability of the space whilst maintaining a minimal colour pallet and also keeping the area free from obstructions.
PS Perth July 17 web (26)
The main open plan area features an array of workstations, with a coordinated colour pallet meant to add vibrancy to the environment, while not detracting from the overall aesthetic.
PS Perth July 17 web (31)
The precision installations, which are Qubit’s hallmark, provided an excellent opportunity to capture their meticulously exacting finished product.
PS Perth July 17 web (33)
The open plan workspace was designed to allow for adequate working space along with ample storage solutions. Again, the detail and precision of the installation made for great balance and overall symmetry in the resulting photos.
PS Perth July 17 web (37)
One of two meeting rooms, this space featured brilliant natural light and an ideal way for managers to still be a part of the operations carried out in the main open plan area.
PS Perth July 17 web (46)
The main kitchen area was designed to maximize space whilst offering a more lively environment for employees to enjoy.
PS Perth July 17 web (47)
Both functional and inviting, the colour pallet compliments the colour selection for the main open plan working area.
PS Perth July 17 web (52)
The manager’s office was another highlighted area of this project offering an abundance of natural light along with an alternative meeting space.

The second site on this project was a converted warehouse space in Manchester, England. This space still boasted many of it’s original features and we provided a number of Steadicam walkthrough options for the client’s use. Because of the size of the project and the numerous working areas, the approach in terms of video was more broad as compared to their site in Perth, Scotland. In this case, we created a full walkthrough of eight minutes, which has been abridged below.

KA Manchester July 17 web (11)
The existing pillars which were integrated within the working area represent both a challenge as well as an achievement.
KA Manchester July 17 web (15)
A notable feature of this project was the layout of the island style work stations. These workstations were each angled by 20 degrees, to break the monotonous layout and to provide a more engaging environment.
KA Manchester July 17 web (18)
Again the precision installation was an ideal candidate for symmetrical captures on this project.
KA Manchester July 17 web (22)
We were also able to highlight the diversity in working spaces and the creative areas on this project.
KA Manchester July 17 web (24)
This is another example of practical work-space being fused with both precise and quirky characteristics, adding to the overall aesthetic for the site.
KA Manchester July 17 web (36)
Colour coordination was a main feature for Qubit, and this project represented an achievement in terms of matching fabrics for their working unit along with their selection of carpet.
KA Manchester July 17 web (46)
In contrast to the minimal finish of their Perth site, the interior design at the Manchester site featured boldly coordinated colours and patterns which made for beautifully dynamic images.
KA Manchester July 17 web (48)
The raised dividers in the call centre area were the primary features of distinction in the second open plan working area.
KA Manchester July 17 web (50)
This wide-angled view allowed us to highlight the diversity of finish of the three primary meeting rooms.
KA Manchester July 17 web (51)
The precision fit-out made for a great space to capture, in terms of angles, colours and intricate lighting detail.
KA Manchester July 17 web (53)
One of the nuances for this project was the detailed finish in terms of cable management. The functional solution has been selected to meld with the selection of office furniture and complements the working spaces perfectly.
KA Manchester July 17 web (56)
The quality of materials along with complete functionality was another highlight for this project.
KA Manchester July 17 web (65)
Creative representations for projects of this sort are always appreciated by the craftsmen aiming to marry function and aesthetic appeal.

KA Manchester July 17 web (77)

KA Manchester July 17 web (79)
In this mostly open plan arrangement, colour allows for unencumbered differentiation of space.
KA Manchester July 17 web (88)
The natural flow and layout of the space almost defy belief that this area was recently a completely open and unfinished warehouse, essentially.
KA Manchester July 17 web (94)
Again, any opportunity to capture a creative take on the designer’s vision is always a primary focus.
KA Manchester July 17 web (96)
Abstract commercial photos allow clients to communicate a range of concepts, while still promoting their own work.
KA Manchester July 17 web (97)
Commercial imagery, using the clients own installation is a much more powerful way of associating the business’ products, standard and message.
KA Manchester July 17 web (100)
On an ambitious project such as this, the small details often tell a major part of the narrative. Qubit’s achievement in delivering their client’s vision was in many ways summed up by highlighting their integration of industrial materials to complete the kitchen area furniture. This intentional feature represents the client’s homage to the converted industrial workspace.
KA Manchester July 17 web (101)
The main lobby and adjoining dining area.
KA Manchester July 17 web (6)
The kitchen area for Kaplan Financial’s Manchester site was a favourite achievement of the directors on this project.

I’m a commercial photographer, based in Kent and I specialise in creating dynamic, eye-catching images for my clients. My images are created to add value to every message conveyed across the spectrum of digital and offline platforms alike, including websites, brochures, blogs, social media channels, case studies and any other medium as required. My clients range from BAFTA award winners, multi-national building firms, television personalities and heads of state to local businesses, respected artists and ambitious entrepreneurs. I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas (U.S.A.), and after a stint as a lab technician followed by time out to travel, I began a career as a production rigger, working primarily in television and film. This experience allowed me to become accustomed to pressurised working environments and a demanding clientele! In 2011, I began studying at the London Film Academy, which eventually led to me devoting my time and training to becoming a commercial photographer. Whether you have a specific project in mind or you’re looking for a complete brand identity overhaul, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at or give me a call on +44 77 6666 1253.

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