multi-coloured running attire on children starting a race

Folkestone Coastal 10K May 28, 2017

This morning I had the chance to capture a few highlights from this year’s Folkestone Coastal 10K, sponsored by some of the prominent businesses and organizations of the Folkestone and greater Shepway areas.

multi-coloured running attire on children starting a race
Bright faces with eager smiles, as vibrant as they are adorable.
Children at the starting line of a race
These guys obviously mean business.
children starting 10k race
Safe start.
Folkestone Coastal 10K web May 17 (4)
Young champion in the making.
father running race aiding young son across the finish
My favourite photo from the day.
organizers of race standing for photo at the start line
Ray Johnson of Indepent Insurance Services along with organizers and marshals from the Ghurka Memorial Fund. Last year’s event raised over £40,000 for good causes and they are set to beat that this year.
spectators of race sitting on steps
The general atmosphere down on the Lower Leas Coastal Park.
spectators of a race enjoying the view looking out over the english channel
The gorgeous view overlooking the Channel with plenty of space for families to enjoy.
joggers running in a coastal park
This was my first-time capturing the phenomenal landscaping of the gorgeous Lower Leas Coastal Park. Even on a grayish morning, it’s easy to appreciate the beautiful gardens along the coastline.
runners preparing to start a race in the park with beautiful flowers and foliage
A tiny window, beautiful in it’s own, offering a tiny glimpse into the heart of the community.
runners registering for a race
Last minute registrants signing in.
pedestrian bridge in the park adorned with trees and people walking over bridge
Another picturesque nook along the Lower Leas Coastal Park.
runners at the starting line of a race along the coasst.
The veritable swarm of eager participants, teammates and competitors.
runners starting a 10 k race along the coast of southern england
Another safe start.

Folkestone Coastal 10K web May 17 (17)

winning runner finishing 10 k race
Hail to the victor!
runners finishing 10 k race
Some of the top finishers pressing towards the finish.
runner checking his time upon finishing race
It’s always great to see people competing against themselves. 
runner finishing race
Photo finish.

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