We Should All Know Of A Place So Pure

La Crueize I have a secret place. Hidden in plain sight, tucked away from the happenings of the world is a place I call home. La Crueize. La Crueize is a place like no other I’ve known, except for perhaps the place where I grew up back in Wrightsville, Arkansas. I first came to La Crueize as a volunteer WWOOF‘er (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) back in 2004. To be honest, what most appealed to me at the time was in the description. It exclaimed that meals were meat based here on this pig and sheep farm, while many of the other farms touted catchwords like, “Raw Vegetable” and “Vegan”. But I’m sure I’m not the first man to blindly follow his stomach. And on this occasion, it led me to the perfect place. Agroforestry Much of my time at La Crueize was spent clearing invasive pine trees to allow for the reforestation of the native Chestnut trees. A

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